About HBA


The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) is a non-profit legal entity of private law representing Greek and foreign credit institutions operating in Greece. It was founded in 1928 and today has 20 members, of which 10 are regular and 10 associated. The HBA seeks to:

  • promote the Greek banking and financial system and to contribute to the development of the Greek economy,
  • protect and represent the interests and rights of its member banks, and
  • undertake the amicable and out-of-court settlement of disputes between its member banks and parties in transaction therewith.

Its statutory organs are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the General Manager, while the Legal Council, the Economic Experts Council and the Scientific Council support its activities.

Its activities have, mainly, three dimensions, i.e. institutional, developmental and social. In its institutional role, the HBA contributes in a consultative capacity to regulatory issues, by participating in the formulation of legislative proposals or in technical committees at European and national level, promotes the positions of its members to the competent authorities and monitors the regulatory provisions concerning the operations of the Greek banking and, in general, financial system.

In its developmental role, it fosters bilateral and multilateral relations with other financial-sector associations in Greece and abroad, encourages the establishment of interbank bodies or other legal entities that aim at the promotion of the Greek banking system, is active in the development of training courses for its member banks and their clients. Additionally, it develops relations with local productive forces and contributes to the development of interbank payment systems and the expansion of electronic banking services. It also fosters participation in European Projects, offers training through its Hellenic Banking Institute, conducts surveys and research, produces a number of publications (including its quarterly HBA Bulletin and more specialized studies on legal and economic issues relating to the banking system) and explores ways to improve physical securing of banking network and banking transactions.

In its social role, the HBA enhances public awareness vis-a-vis the Greek banking and financial system, promotes the concept of corporate social responsibility and takes initiatives in the field of business ethics.

Furthermore, it addresses problems related to consumer protection, creates and develops mechanisms for settling disputes out of court between private customers/investors and banks via the services offered by the Hellenic Ombudsman for Banking-Investment Services (Banking Ombudsman), encourages the contribution of the banking system to Sustainable Development and also keep banks informed of labour and social issues.