Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)

The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) is the representative of the vast majority of all Greek and foreign credit institutions that operate in Greece. It was established in 1928 and is a non-profit legal entity. It expresses the views of its member banks, provides advisory input to the regulatory process, participates in the decision-making procedures of international, European and national law-preparing and technical committees, and cooperates with other countries' organizations and associations of the financial sector in the context of bilateral or multilateral agreements. The HBA focuses on the collective modernization of its member banks and the overall development of the financial sector.

The Hellenic Bank Association welcomes you to its website.

We are following the evolution of the banking sector in Greek, European and International level. We hope to derive useful information from your visit to our website.  

Charoula Apalagaki  
Acting General Manager, HBA


The HBA comprises 20 members, of which 10 are regular and 10 are associate members, with (data as of 31/12/2022):

  • a workforce of 29,177 people, directly employed;
  • 1.470 branches and 6.040 ATMs;
  • presence in 10 foreign banking markets, either directly or through majority holdings in overseas banks with 517 branches and 8.707 directly employed personnel.
The Hellenic Bank Association is not a bank, does not perform any direct or indirect business activities, and does not keep any funds on behalf of its members or the public. It is not a bank supervisor; it does not impose regulatory compliance rules; it is not an employers' organization and it does not sign collective labour agreements.

As of September 1st 2019, the restrictions on cash withdrawals and capital transfers have been repealed by virtue of Article 86 of Law 4624/2019 (Government Gazette Issue A’ 137). All relevant Ministerial Decisions and Decisions of the Committee for the approval of banking transactions that were adopted during the period that the restrictions on cash withdrawals and capital transfers were in force have been repealed by the abovementioned Article of Law 4624/2019 as well.

Law 4624/2019 is available only in Greek.

Government Gazette Issue A’ 137/29.8.2019


The following section sets out, exclusively for historical purposes, the legislative framework pertaining to the restrictions on cash withdrawals and capital transfers that was in force from 18 July 2015 until 31 August 2019.