Greek Banking System Directory (HEBIC)

A comprehensive record of the banking system in Greece (branches and contact details), introducing the Ηellenic Bank Indentification Code (HEBIC), which is a seven-digit number containing the three-digit code of each bank and the four-digit code of each branch.

Important Note:

  • HBA is not responsible for the accuracy of the data given by the banks. HBA has the right to make any adjustments when necessary and is not responsible for any misuse of the Greek Banking System (HEBIC) index.
  • The index of the Greek Banking System - HEBIC (excel file) can be provided to any individual or institution at the price of 400 euros plus VAT 24% with the restriction that there can be no forms, electronically or by any other mean or method in used by third parties. After the initial purchase, further updated versions (every three months) can be obtained at the price of 50 euros plus VAT 24% per version. For any further clarification please send us a letter to our e-mail address: or to our fax: 0030 210 3615324, to the attention of Ms F. Gangas.