Press Release

The Hellenic Bank Association informs all card holders on the retention of contactless payments up to 50 euros without the use of PIN

Following the HBA announcement dated 23rd March 2021, its member banks, being consistent with their commitment for continuous assistance in limiting the impact of Covid-19 on public health and trading practice, will permanently preserve as of 1st July 2021 the contactless payment limit up to 50 euros without the use of PIN. 

Since 30th March 2020 when said measure was adopted, the response of the general public was unanimous, thus minimizing significantly physical contact of cardholders with the POS keyboard.

Hence, all transactions, regardless of the amount, can be effected contactless, without handing over the card to the employee who performs said transaction. For transactions beyond the amount of 50 euros, the use of PIN at the POS is still requested from the card holder.

In any case, it is kindly reminded to all clients to give the required attention in order to safely store their payment cards.