European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN)

HBI is one of the 9 partners of the EU-funded two-year project “Financial Services Sector Triple ‘E’ Qualifications”, initiated by EBTN. The project ended in October to 2015, when the "Triple E Standard" was launched by EBTN. The "Triple E Standard" is a quality standard for qualifications in the European banking and financial services sector, with a focus on the banking sector.

HBI is the first to offer the "Triple E EFCB" qualification in financial services.

For further information please visit the official website of the project.


Mediterranean Training Alliance (meTRA)

The Hellenic Banking Institute is part of a consortium comprising five financial sector training bodies from EU member countries, under the name of Mediterranean Training Alliance (meTRA).

By combining the experience of its members in the design and implementation of training for employees in the financial services sector, the objective of meTRA is to transfer know-how and implement training courses in North Africa and Southeastern Mediterranean countries.

The members of meTRA, in addition to the HBI, are:

·Centre de Formation de la Profession Bancaire – CfPB(France)

·ABIformazione (Italy)

·Instituto de Estudios Financieros (Spain)

·Instituto de Formacao Bancaria (Portugal)


Partnership with the Association of Georgian Banks
to provide support on training issues

The Hellenic Banking Institute supports the establishment of the Georgian Bank Training Center in Tbilisi by providing technical assistance and training material.

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