"EURO.BA.N.QU.A" Leonardo da Vinci project
Dissemination Conference

Quality Assurance in training and HR development
in the European Financial Services Sector

February 15, 2008 (08.30 - 17.30)

Jointly organized by EBTN — HBA/HBI

Attached Files
Maria Maghiorou
Managing Director - Hellenic Banking Institute
[File PPT: 219 Kb]
Giorgio Alluli
Vice Chairperson - ENQA-VET
[File PPT: 118 Kb]
Mario Spatafora
President - EBTN
[File PPT: 1.219 Kb]
Erwin Seyfried
Professor Organizational Psychology - FHVR
[File PPT: 945 Kb]
Clemens Spoorenberg
Deputy Director - NIBE-SVV
[File PPT: 628 Kb]
Petru Rares
President of the Board of Directors - RBI
[File PPT: 730 Kb]
Alexandra Maniati
Head of Client Relations - Hellenic Banking Institute
[File PPT: 258 Kb]
Luis Vilhena da Cunha
General Manager - IFB
[File PPT: 1.120 Kb]
Gian Luca Miceli
Head HR Coordinator - Banca CR Firenze
[File PPT: 2.632 Kb]
Elpiniki Karampali
Member of the Board - EFICERT
[File PPT: 348 Kb]
George Katsouranis
Senior Manager - Learning & Development - Piraeus Bank
[File PPT: 1.059 Kb]
J. Rodrigues
Head of HR Training & Development - Caixa General de Depositos
[File PPT: 2.679 Kb]
Anna Scarlatou
Organization & Development Director - Emporiki Credicom
[File PPT: 44 Kb]