The Hellenic Banking Institute works with the Training and/or HR Divisions of banks and other companies to develop tailor-made courses for in-company training. These courses are the result of close cooperation between the experts of the HBI and the customer, so that the designed training is targeted to the special needs - as 'translated' into desired learning outcomes - of each group of trainees.

Banks and other companies for which
the HBI has designed in-company training

•†Aegean Baltic Bank
•†Agricultural Bank of Greece
Alpha Bank
Association of Greek Institutional Investors
Bank of Attica
Bank of Cyprus
Bank of Greece
BMW Austria Bank
Cooperative Central Bank (Cyprus)
Egnatia Bank
Emporiki Bank
Eurobank EFG
Eurobank Cards
Ethniki Insurance
FBB - First Business Bank

Fortis Bank
Geniki Bank
Greek Postal Savings Bank
Hellenic Bank
Hellenic Exchanges Group
Laiki Bank
Marfin Egnatia Bank
Microsoft Hellas
Millennium Bank
National Bank of Greece
Nova Bank
Omega Bank
Piraeus Bank


Titles of in-company training courses
designed by the HBI

A. Introduction to banking†

Long duration courses
European Foundation Certificate in Banking
Induction training for new employees
Foundation banking studies

Short duration seminars
The new architecture of the international and European financial system
Introduction to Basel II
The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
Principles of general accounting
Retail banking: the fundamentals
English banking terminology
Written communication

¬. Financial products and services

Long duration courses
Banking essentials
Branch management essentials
Banking management essentials
Operation management essentials
Banking academy
Banking and financial management
Prep courses - certification exams for the provision of investment services (certificates: from basics up to investment advisers

Short duration seminars
Basic economics for non-economists
Basic legal knowledge for non-lawyers
Cheques: theory and practice
Bills of exchange
Home loans: the basics
Corporate finance and retail banking
Loans: special issues
Business lending
Financing of small and medium-sized enterprises: methodology and practice
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF)
Combating money laundering
Debt settlement for over-indebted individuals
Managing and restructuring loans in default
Payment services in the internal market – analysis of the main provisions of law 3862/2010
The new rules on documentary credits - UCP600
ISBP for the examination of document under documentary credits
Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements
•†Examination of document under documentary credits
Basel II - The internal ratings method
Analysis of financial statements
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Balance sheet analysis – evaluation of quantitative business data – indices
Internal audit for auditors†
Fraud auditing
Identification of counterfeit banknotes
Establishing the authenticity of documents
Prep seminar - certification exam for insurance intermediaries
Provision of investment services: a1 certification seminars (reception and transmission of orders)
Investment consultancy

C. Management of financial institutions

Short duration seminars
International trends and developments in the global financial system
Basel II: the Greek regulatory framework for the IRB approach
IFRS for credit analysts
Business ethics
Leadership and management
Developing the profile of a leader
Quality management in banking
Physical security for banks
Bank marketing - business planning
Sales organisation
Sales techniques
Effective negotiations