The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines Financial Literacy as the “combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial well-being”. Financial Literacy is achieved through Financial Education.

Financial literacy has been increasingly recognised as an important individual life skill in a majority of economies. Financial education has thus become an important complement to market conduct and prudential regulation, and improving individuals’ financial behaviour(s) has become a long-term policy priority in many countries. Moreover, an increasing amount of attention and resources are being spent on financial education by governments and public authorities worldwide.

The Hellenic Bank Association acknowledges the importance of financial education and the need to help individuals improve their financial behaviour. It believes that the financial services sector by its nature is a key stakeholder in all the levels of financial education, from policy-making and strategy elaboration to specific actions’ implementation and impact assessment. In this context the HBA, through its Hellenic Banking Institute (HBI), is engaged in various actions by participating in international and European fora, and actively supporting national initiatives.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - International Network on Financial Education (INFE)

The HBA was granted affiliate member status in September 2014, after five years of supporting and following INFE activities. More specifically, the HBA participates in INFE annual conferences, consultations and events, and provides regular feedback to INFE¢s portal - the International Gateway for Financial Education (IGFE) – for the programme “Banks in Action” (sole entry for Greece).


European Banking Federation – Financial Education Project Group (FEPG)

HBA/HBI is a member of the Financial Education Project Group (FEPG) of the European Banking Federation (EBF). FEPG¢s main objective is to promote financial education in EBF member countries by enabling the exchange of best practices among EBF members, building on these practices, planning and promoting the annual European Money Week (EMW) as well as cooperating with other stakeholders and policy-making bodies.

The fourth European Money Week will take place from 12 to 18 March 2018

The National  "European Money Quiz" competition will be held on Tuesday 13th March 2018 at 11:00 p.m.

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Junior Achievement Greece
(SEN/JA Greece)

HBA is a member of Junior Achievement (JA) Greece since 2007 and Gold Sponsor of the ¡Banks in Action¢ programme. The programme addresses 15- to 18-year-old students and consists of eight hourly sessions delivered by volunteers from banks who are trained jointly by HBI and JA Greece. Through hands-on classroom activities, the programme gives students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the banking industry, acquire skills related to managing their finances as informed consumers, and learn about banking professions so as to broaden their horizons as future professionals.

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