Press Release

Official visit of the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Greece following HBA's Invitation

In the course of a comprehensive and outward looking communication programme, on the domestic and international level, the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA), in cooperation with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and Greece Tourism Confederation (SETE), invites guest-speakers of high international acclaim, influence and experience, with a view to upgrade the investment and economic outlook of the country.

In this context, on Monday, December 18, the HBA, in cooperation with SEV and SETE, welcomed Mr. John Cryan, the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank. Mr. Cryan, who leads one of the largest banks in Europe and internationally, was the keynote-speaker in the official working lunch held by the HBA, with the participation of guests from institutional bodies of the country, as well as 120 representatives of the Greek business community. Mr. Cryan presented the challenges and prospects of the European and global economy and highlighted the investment opportunities that can be found now in Greece, after a long period of recession and structural reforms, and discussed with the audience. The importance of European initiatives aiming to ensure security and modernization in the functioning of the banking system was also highlighted.

In the evening of the same day, the HBA will host a dinner in honor of Mr. Cryan and his associates which will be attended by the senior management of Greek banks in order to discuss important developments in the banking industry.

Following the formal working-lunch, the President of HBA Mr. Nikolaos Karamouzis welcomed the interest shown to date by distinguished guests of international standing to visit the country and to exchange views with representatives of the Greek business community. Mr. Karamouzis stated that the Greek economy present a progressively improving image to the European and the International business community and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that this progress is maintained despite the significant challenges that still remain. Furthermore, Mr. Karamouzis highlighted the value of communication between the Greek entrepreneurship and personalities of international acclaim and reiterated his intention to continue with relevant initiatives in 2018.